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SHINGAI is a Johannesburg based natural skincare brand - founded 2017 by Anita Musevenzo. We like her products because they are both very simple and complex at the same time: with her excellent formulation skills Anita creates products that contain only a minimum amount of different ingredients and deliver a very unique experience when applied.

Her experience in treating sensitive and eczema skin is the foundation of the SHINGAI (this is by the way a unisex Shona name, meaning as much as as being determined, courageous, strong) and - even though her products are specifically not only for sensitive skin, they are formulated in a way to support, strengthen and heal skin, and they all have one purpose in common: make you feel better and your skin softer.

All products are made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients, cruelty free and wherever possible organic and fair trade.


Sexy Socks - Bamboo Socks De Stijl

Sexy Socks - Bamboo Socks De Stijl


R 199.00
DE STIJL speak for themselves and are statistically the socks to get reported missing most often from girlfriends and boyfriends sock drawers alike. And we don't talk about the single missing socks.
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