Friends With Beards

Natural Beard Care. handmade in Johannesburg.

The origin of Friends With Beards is told in one simple sentence: Mike, the founder of Friends With Beards, wanted to kiss his wife.

The necessity to keep a beard soft is amplified when the recipient of any desired kiss has sensitive skin that is getting irritated by the hair that surrounds the lips, may it be short or long. And because Mike is a self-made man, he went and figured out for himself how to create the magic elixir instead of buying a ready made product. He refined his oil’s recipe to perfection and created more products as he brought his co founder Matt on board.
Together the two are manufacturing a range of beard care products that is continuously growing and full of cool innovations.
All products provide your beard and skin with moisture and nutrition from natural ingredients and give you the scent and benefits of the essential oils that are used. Not only will your beard look better and healthier, also your skin underneath will be happy about the new treat. So if here is anyone out there you might want to kiss in the future: you know what to do!


Friends with Beards Beard Oil Citrus Bottle Close Up

Friends With Beards - Citrus Beard Oil

Friends With Beards

R 149.00
The Friends With Beards Beard Oil Citrus gives your beard the care it needs and leaves a hint of orange and lemon to linger around you for the rest of the day. All natural ingredients make your beard stay soft and healthy and moisturises the hair and the skin while the essential oils give you a nice and energising scent. Beard oil is an essential in every mens skincare - no matter how long your beard is, or how short.
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