Why we do what we do and why we like what we do.

Our Mission

We bring South African brands that produce their goods in South Africa straight from the screen to your home. 

RIGHTLAND is an online store for fashion, skincare, lifestyle and other products that are made in South Africa. We and the brands on our platform are dedicated to high quality, sustainable materials and fair, local labour. 

We are giving 3% of our revenue to the RIGHTLAND FUND - a fund that is dedicated to land and wildlife conservation in South Africa and to improving the working conditions for all our suppliers.
We will soon have more information about the fund available.

Our Community

RIGHTLAND is a community that aims to bring value to the bigger community. You, all our suppliers and their teams, and our team, we all can decide together where we want to sail to.
We are looking forward to your feedback - email us at info@rightland.co.za

Who we are

We are a very small team, based in Johannesburg. We started working on RIGHTLAND early 2018. Are growing, you will see more friendly faces here very soon! 

Balki Yaheda

Co-Founder of RIGHTLAND

Balki is the fashion police here in RIGHTLAND. She is heading the buying department and responsible for the quality and sourcing of our products. Balki spends her days on the phone with designers and flying around the world to attend fancy fashion shows.

Gerrit Hahn

Co-Founder of RIGHTLAND

Gerrit is taking care of all marketing concerns and the operations of the online store. When he is not behind his screen geeking around, he is probably in the studio for the next photo shoot or drawing info graphics on card board somewhere in the office.