Who we are & what we do.

The Team

We are a small team, based in Johannesburg. We started working on RIGHTLAND early 2018.
As we are growing, you will see more friendly faces here very soon! 

Anita Musevenzo

Anita is our brick and mortar manager and skin care pro. She is a sales ace and loves decorating and making things pretty. 
Boss hiker, 
silly in the best possible way.

Gerrit Hahn

Gerrit is co-founder, chief cook and bottle washer. Usually busy chatting to customers, fixing the website or figuring out new things to do while he should try to sleep earlier and spend more time on the bicycle.

Kamogelo Frank

Kamo is our fashion buyer and account manager. She is responsible for all the good looks on RIGHTLAND, choosing the styles and making the photoshoots look great. She gets up really early in the morning.

Our Mission

RIGHTLAND is South African and features fashion and lifestyle brands that manufacture their products locally in South Africa. 

We and the brands on our platform are dedicated to high quality, sustainable materials and fair, local labour. 

We are giving 3% of our revenue to the RIGHTLAND FUND - to support land and wildlife conservation in South Africa and to improve the working conditions for all our suppliers.

Our Vision

Most of the clothes and many other products that are sold in South Africa are not made locally.

By creating a higher demand for products made in South Africa we want to help stimulating the textile industry and others to bring skills and production capacities back home.

We believe in local and decentralised production as the only concept that allows the planet to take a breath and economies like ours to grow.

Our Community

RIGHTLAND is a community that aims to bring value to the bigger community. You, all our suppliers and their teams, and our team, we all can decide together where we want to sail to.
We are looking forward to your feedback - email us at info@rightland.co.za