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    All eyes will be on you with the Prada Suiting Mabel Wrap blouse by Judith Atelier. Multi-color print pieces  prove to be timeless and adaptable to any occasion, with the right  pair of trousers the asymmetrical blouse is a head turner, the burnt sienna and blue tones of the pattern make it perfect…

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    Looking for something for special occasions? A stunning A-Line cocktail stretch dress, with beautiful Turquoise print, is a great addition to your closet. The fusion of African fashion and a modern fit, you’ll look incredible every time you put it on. The stretchy fabric is easy care: does not crease,…

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    Step  into summer with this stylish and colourful African print jumpsuit fabric to make sure you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd it’s  made from a breathable cotton base making it perfect for a hot summer’s day. Designed with the purpose of style and functionality this garment does complete with a front…

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    Colourful Chiffon top that layers beautifully with a variety of outfits – perfect summer company! Details & Sizing Available in 8 sizes from S to 5XL Colour: Orange, brown, yellow Fabric: 100% Chiffon Wash & Care Cold wash Bonus Made with love in South Africa – support local textile manufacturing! Shipping…

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    Shea Butter is one of the best all round and multi purpose skin and hair care products for all skin types. Helps with Acne, Blemishes, Stretch Marks, Dry Skin, Itchy Skin and many more conditions. Perfect moisturiser / hand lotion for sanitiser stressed and dry hands. – no perfumes –…

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    This super-combo of SHINGAI Shea Butter, Facial Toner & Facial Oil has you covered head to toe: Shea butter for your body and hair, hands, kids. Toner to cleanse and refresh your face. Facial Oil to moisturise your facial skin. 1x 100ml Geranium Bliss Facial Toner 1x 30ml Baobab & Marula Facial…

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    A refreshing facial toner that cleanses, hydrates, and calms all skin types. Rose geranium adapts to specific needs by providing moisture to dry areas and decreasing oil in oily parts of the face. Perfect for combination skin. Apply after washing and before moisturising or sprits the mist onto the face…

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    50ml Hand Sanitiser with 72% Alcohol. Fresh Citrus Fragrance with Naartjie & Rosemary Essential Oil. Made according to WHO recommendations with 72% Alcohol. Drop Glass Bottle – buy 1 for R59 or 4 for R199 and save Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol (72%) Aloe Barbadesis leaf juice Glycerin Eucalyptus Globulus Aqua Citrus Unshiu…

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    Tired of applying lip balm over and over and wondering why it doesn’t actually help? We feel you. If you read the list of ingredients of most commercial products, it isn’t actually a surprise: they contain highly processed ingredients and in many cases petroleum jelly or other mineral oil derivates (the…

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    Let your lips heal and regenerate with the highly effective oils and the power of beeswax to protect them. Wild Rose Lip Balm is 100% natural and made with high quality oils and essential oils – no artificial scents or perfumes. Many commercial lip balms actually do the opposite of what…