Sexy Socks – Bamboo Socks Tetris

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In case you don’t know the game – go to your favourite app store and download it. And get the socks! In any case, get the socks.

The black, grey and white rectangles with the black cuffs, heels and toes are probably the most sophisticated fashion statement you can make during a job interview, at a wedding or wherever you might not be expected to make fashion statements.


100% Bamboo.

Made in South Africa.

For each sock you buy, Sexy Socks give one sock away to a school child. Thank you to you and to Sexy Socks.

Why Bamboo Socks now?

There are different reasons why Bamboo is the better choice compared to cotton or even synthetic fabrics, especially when it comes to socks:

1. Bamboo is a fast growing, natural source of fibre that uses less water and less pesticides than cotton does. It is a complex issue, however Bamboo is using less resources altogether.

2. Bamboo fibre makes a very very soft fabric and the luxurious comfort wearing these socks will make you never buy cotton socks again. If you like comfort.

3. The fibre that the fabric is made from is breathable and transports moist away from your skin. By doing that, it creates a climate that prevents not only that odour but is actually antibacterial.

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Sexy Socks - Bamboo Socks Tetris

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.